•           issuing, receiving,
  •           archiving documents and organizing primary accounting
  •           management accounting organization,
  •           accounting for joint ventures, organizing and
  •           conducting inventories, etc.
  •           tax (general rules, rates, calculating taxable profits, tax payment, payment terms, tax statement);

Income tax: the scope of the income tax, income categories liable to income tax, tax on dividends (shares, payment terms, declaring), monthly determination of the salary income tax , tax payment term, annual adjustment income tax, tax records and special statements;

income tax obtained in Romania by non-residents: scope, taxable incomes obtained in Romania, withholding tax payable by non-residents, exemptions, statements
local taxes: general rules, tax calculation, payment terms, statements, building and land tax, tax on vehicles, other local taxes;

VAT: scope, taxable persons, taxable transactions, event, territoriality, tax bases and tax rates, assessment, regulation and reimbursement ,fiscal invoice, payment terms, VAT return.

advice on currency regulations, import and export operations, custom code, avoiding double taxation international transactions;
analyze and solve the problems of repatriation of profits, tax solutions for maximizing investments;

  •  the tax planning


Lara Society System Solutions Ltd elaborates works of:

  •   financial audit
  •   nonstructural funds audit

Audit work include:

1.Identifying goals:

The audit objectives refers to: patrimony, exercise results and financial condition of the company.
The audit considers compliance of some criteria and targets governing an audit of financial statements:

-          the criterion of exhaustiveness and integrity of records - to verify that all property transactions were correctly and entirely recorded in accountancy

-          the reality of recording criterion - check if all assets and liabilities at book are justifiable and verifiable and correspond to those identified by the inventory;

-          the criterion of correct accounting records and fair presentation using annual accounts - check the correct location of the period regarding patrimonial elements, an accurate assessment of changes, proper attribution and proper preparation of the financial statements;

-          evaluation of nonconformities in relation to regulations;

-          suggesting corrective actions to eliminate identified nonconformities

2. planning works

For completing the financial audit mission will follow these steps, which are given deadlines: - nu am inteles nimic

I. Audit planning and documentation include:

-          establishing contacts between the provider and the recipient;

-          acquiring knowledge about customer business, identifying events, transactions and

-          practices that may have a material effect on the financial statements;

-          updating and documenting information about the audited organization;

-          preliminary assessment of risk and materiality;

-          estimating errors and comparing them with the preliminary value of materiality

-          development of the mission plan draft , the financial budget and time predicted fund;

II. Evaluation of internal control and control risk are considering:

- the evaluation of the recording and processing system for the transactions of audited organization and the evaluation of the effect of informational technology on the audit;
- understanding of the accounting and internal control;
- the identification of complex accounting areas, including those that involve accounting estimates;
- the conversion of accounting system in an effective audit model and develop audit programs for an appropriate highlighting of the activity performed;

- Control risk estimating;
- testing accounting and internal control systems
- testing IT system.

III Substantive procedures include:

- Analytical procedures;
- tests of details;

- Application of the audit procedures specific to the exercise closing works

IV. Completing audit work: preparation of permanent file:

-          drawing current folder (of the exercise);

-          analysis, review and evaluation of the audit findings;

-          auditor's report writing and communication of internal control structure's deficiencies identified during the mission

3. Delivery comprising:

Lara System Solutions Ltd will provide the recipient with the following:

financial statement audit will be done in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA), with auditing standards issued by the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania and the requirements of Measure Guide through which the grant is obtained;

Confidential letter addressed to the management on major deficiencies in the internal control system and other issues identified during the financial audit which according to Lara System Solutions Ltd should be submitted to the audited company's management.