The path to success

I consider myself a successful person. And even if success didn’t dazzle me, I can’t but state, admit and affirm it… And in such a context, being aware that I learned enormously from the people around me, I feel, in my turn, bound to the duty of helping, those who are ready today to make a start. I am not referring to the so-called technical information you get through study and documentation, but rather to what you learn from life experience, which is harder to get and become conscious of. You do not get anything serious and lasting without study, documentation and work. But all these, even if necessary, are far from enough.

Your determination is essential, the way you set a goal and knowing how to meet it and fight for it. If you don’t know what you really want, or you don’t know what you want to become, you will not gain or achieve anything. As a matter of fact, in that moment, you can say without the risk of making a mistake, your aim is to become nobody.

Many expect a miracle, the miracle of their lives, the great opportunity. Fate is a custom word. But fate does not come just like that, to carry you on its wings, without you doing nothing. Your path, destiny and success are related, first of all, to your choice, your firmness and determination but also to the joy of struggle and work to, cover that distance, to achieve that success. It’s the same way a climber conquers a new peak. He is not compelled to do it,  he doesn’t do it randomly and... its conquering doesn’t just happen … It is not about chance or coincidence, but the passion, joy and enormous hard work. But it’s not a forced labour here, but an enthusiastic one, that fulfills you, through which you fulfill yourself, you create you destiny, and you do not expect it to carry you elsewhere through life, getting lost through the vast maze of this world.

You can not achieve success by working from liability, or being blinded by a short time gain, but from passion, the passion that takes you to that success. Your goal should set you out for work and fight, otherwise, being stuck in the dreaming stage, with every moment that passes, you will continuously carry away from its achievement. Success does not come from dreaming and neglect, but from work, a hard work. The kind of work you recover from not through rest, but through harsher and more intense work, thus more rewarding. This is true rest and reward for the one who really desires success and knows there is no way he can miss it.

But there are things that can’t be learned from books or in universities. It was earlier told that trade must be stolen, not taught. Today, we can state that success and the road to success can not be learned, it is, ultimately, a special lifestyle. A way that defines you, but for its fulfillment you need a deep understanding, an immense life experience, which to a large extent is acquired by contamination. It is like a vision, a peculiar vision on life. A vision you can take from those who actually live it through their own path to success.