“The one who believes only in possible things, is not a poet, but an accountant”

(Valeriu Butulescu)


We provide accounting services and accounting expertise, based on the principle that the customer needs to allot time to the income-generating activities and expertise field It is therefore important to have someone you can rely on in matters of accounting and accounting expertise

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Consulting and Audit

Given the large number of taxes applicable in Romania, many companies fail to fulfill all obligations being exposed to tax inspection and controls which often lead to additional taxes plus fines and penalties.

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Human resources

Personnel management, since clocking, calculating entitlements, staff development and cessation of business formalities are mandatory and routine activities and also resource consumers. By entrusting these operations to a specialized firm, the company's employees are available for activities with higher added value.

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Controlling, Financial Analysis and...

Controlling, financial analysis and financial management Controlling is represented by a set of activities required to manage and coordinate company's activities. It does not have the role of "control", with punitive aspect, controlling is meant to coordinate all processes of an enterprise in order to reduce costs, maximize encashment and carrying out the strategic goals of the enterprise.

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From Audit to liquidations, mergers, you have a reliable partner for your business in us!

Contributor assistance during the control

We all live one of the most profound transformations in the history of humanity. This is the reality of the twenty-first century. Management of a company is to face current challenges, to maintain order and control and most importantly to choose your partners in difficult times which any company can pass through.


The financial accounting relation that we have with our clients is a partnership based on trust, respect and confidentiality which in turn is based on identifying needs and providing solutions.

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